Squat & Power Racks

A power rack is a rectangular model of fitness equipment in a shape of a cube, usually made of steel. This equipment usually used by a person to work with heavy barbells. This rack has a number of adjustable pins, which can be placed for a needed height during this or that type of workout. This equipment prevents one from injuries in case if the person loses control of a heavy bar. It helps the weight not to fall or go beyond the necessary point. A power rack has certain benefits, concerning one's confidence. You feel safe, needing no spotter. Thus you can add a little more weigh on the barbell and not be caught by a huge mass. The major squat and power racks exercise include cable rows, dips, overhead and bench press, inverted and upright rows, pull ups, knee rising, and many others. This fitness equipment is a nice investment of many, as it saves you money, which you may probably spend on gym membership and gas.

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