Smith Machines

Smith machine was invented more than 60 years ago and has already proved its efficiency in weight lifting. Having a comfortable flat bench, the Smith machines provide sport lovers a great variety of exercising. The construction of some models has an adjustable bench to regulate the inclination, giving you a wide choice of press workouts - bench press, incline or decline press, military press, neck press, push ups and dips. This machine also gives you a chance to make variable strength workouts. One of Smith machines benefits is stabilizing the motion, thus developing muscle mass and strength in a more convenient way for your body. If we compare it with free-weights, a Smith bar has no movement forward, backward or sideways. It means that one needs fewer skills to stabilize and you can lift more weigh. This equipment may be effective for such strength exercises as pull-up or inverted row. These models are great if you don't have time to join the gym and have not so much space at home.

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