Cable Crossover Machines

Can't lift your girlfriend? Afraid of arm wrestling? A crossover will help you! This machine includes cables and a special pulley unit with weight stack, and it doesn't need any additional weights. Cable crossovers are strength machines, used mostly for chest exercising and shoulder muscles training. A good design of a cable crossover provides you a different variations of its usage position - one can stand, seat or lie down to involve workout of this or that type of muscles - chest flys, rows, triceps pushdowns and others. These machines are especially adorable by the beginners, as they are safe and one can alter the levels of resistance according to his abilities. Apart from that, they are not difficult to use even for new-comers. The motions done with cable crossovers are natural and comfortable, and with a right program you can train all muscles of the upper body. This machine is a perfect choice to train balance skills, coordination and strength.

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