Yukon Fitness Ab/Back Machine

Yukon Fitness Ab/Back MachineOur back/ab machine was devised for developing two of the most important, yet often overlooked muscle groups in the body: the lower back and the abdominal muscles.

Help reduce injuries, reduce lower back pain, and finally bring your physique together from top to bottom.

Fully adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes and completely comfortable with thick, durable pads and rollers. Combines to form a 45" Hyper Extension and Sit Up Board in one unique space saving design. Our new back -Ab Machine: Bring it all together.


  • Fully adjustable back pad and leg supports
  • Thick, comfortable pads and rollers
  • Simple assembly
  • Heavy Duty 12 gauge steel construction
  • Unique space saving design


  • 33"H x 29"W x 52"D


  • Lifetime Warranty