Yoga Fitness Accessories

Yoga doesn't require any special equipment for trainings, but nevertheless there are accessories which will facilitate your practice (yoga straps, blocks, mats and many others). These accessories will help you to do yoga not only in a fitness club, but at home either. Yoga blocks are some kind of trick that people invented to make yoga trainings more pleasant regardless of primary physical condition. Yoga blocks establish additional support in execution of sitting and standing poses. They can be made of foam, bamboo, cork or wood. Their size is about nine inches long, six inches wide and three or four inches high. Yoga straps are usually made of capron and cotton. Their length varies from six to nine feet. Exercises with yoga straps contribute to increase flexibility. One more yoga accessory is foam wedge. Like yoga blocks it is mainly constructed from foam and is very helpful in performance of different exercises. For example you can use it under your heels while squatting. All named accessories vary in colour (blue, purple, red and so on). They are very popular not only among the beginners but among advanced yoga amateurs as well. All these accessories can help you to build an ideal body, but the main thing you need is desire and sense of purpose. Combine them and you will get excellent results.

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