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Nowadays we have little free time, so we always try to spend it profitably. Some people go to fitness clubs at their leisure, but others prefer to train at home. The best fitness for home trainings is pilates, because most part of its equipment is small-sized. You can easily put it in the wardrobe and take it only for trainings.
Among the most popular pilates fitness equipment and accessories are pilates balls and mats, body toning rings and rollers. Pilates mat shouldn't be very soft as it will negatively affect stability of a body position. A good pilates mat should be half an inch thick, and long enough to have comfortable exercises on it. There is a wide range of exercises with pilates balls (knee crunch, pike etc.). Their unstable surface makes us keep our muscles in constant tension in order to hold balance. Pilates foam roller is equipment for physiotherapy which is extensively used for team and individual trainings in many fitness clubs. It can be from 90 cm to 1,5 m long and about 20 cm in diameter. There's a half round foam roller too. It looks like a usual foam roller but it is slitted. It is used by newcomers at the very beginning of trainings for the purpose of ease-off. The training effectiveness will be greater, if you combine roller exercises with some other pilates equipment. Body toning rings give you an opportunity for creation of a perfect body. Non-slip surface and its comfortable pommels make trainings pleasant and effective. Besides they are very light and compact, so you can take them with you wherever you want. The number of pilates equipment is great and it is always difficult to choose, but whatever choice you'll make it will be beneficial for your health.

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