Pilates & Yoga Fitness

Everyone wants to live in harmony with soul and body so pilates and yoga are the things that can help you to achieve it. Pilates is a widely known system of exercises that was created more than one hundred years ago by Joseph Pilates. It has become popular thanks to the fact that it quickly and effectively improves and forms a beautiful figure. Yoga is a Hindi philosophy in which you learn exercises to control your mind and body. Both pilates and yoga are wonderful ways of relaxation and their main objective is to establish communication between our mind and body.

Pilates and yoga reduce load of neck muscles, a nape and shoulders, strengthen stomach muscles, develop flexibility. Also they promote elasticity of muscles, create a correct posture, increase physical and psychological working capacity. These kinds of fitness suit people, who don't like jumps and sharp movements, because all exercises are done slowly and smoothly. Doing them everyone has their own movement rhythm. The usage of different pilates and yoga equipment will make your trainings successful and comfortable (pilates mats, yoga straps etc.). There is no contradiction for going in for these kinds of fitness. People of any age and in any physical form can practise them. And the most pleasant fact is that the result of trainings is seen in three weeks.

Pilates and yoga give you not only a perfect body but its harmony with soul and mind as well. This fact contributes to self-confidence and positive attitude to life. So be healthy and positive!!!

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