Rehabilitation Equipment

During last decades more and more attention has been paid to people's rehabilitation of after serious diseases. Taking into account the fact that diseases of cardio, and nervous system, and diseases of locomotor apparatus are the most widespread diseases, well-thought-out and targeted rehabilitation is necessary practically for every patient. For this purpose rehabilitation equipment was created. It makes rehabilitation process more effective and comfortable. It can also be applied not only for rehabilitation and restoration, but for sports medicine as well. Such equipment as dumbbells, physio cycles and some others is used for rehabilitation effect. Dumbbells are simple and convenient tools for trainings. They are mainly used for exercises aimed at hand muscles training and shoulder builder. A regular dumbbells workout is a guaranty of good health, balanced nervous system and physical strength. A great variety of exercises done with the help of dumbbells allows to develop and to support tone of any muscle. Physio Cycle and the Stamina in Stride Cycle are pedal body-builders designed for home or therapy use. Unlike most exercise cycles the Stamina in Stride Cycle doesn't have any seat. But you can sit in an armchair, put your feet into pedals and enjoy your training. If you place it on the table you can do the same exercise, but with your hands. Thanks to cycle workouts you strengthen your legs, arms and back, keep your joints flexible and decrease the risk of heart disease. As a result you are alive and kicking!

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