Plate Mates

You have achieved the desirable results but you continue to do the same exercises. Don't you think that it's a bit boring? Why not to add something new to your fitness program? Plate mates will help you to vary your workouts. They are an excellent addition to barbell and dumbbell exercises. Plate mates exist in two variants - donut and hex. They are attached to barbells and dumbbells with the help of magnets, thus increasing the weight. You can practice plate mate exercises at any level. If you're a beginner with the plate mates you'll do all the workouts correctly avoiding injuries. Intermediates will stay motivated as they'll notice gradual progress. Advanced sportsmen will have a wonderful opportunity to reach great success in weight training. Plate mates are also often used in physical therapy where small weight increases help patients to renovate strength without overburdening injured muscles. Make plate mates a part of your trainings and aim at perfection.

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