Medicine Balls

Medicine Ball is a rather old fitness accessory that has been used since the first Olympics. But nevertheless even today it remains popular not only among sport amateurs but among professional sportsmen as well. Originally medicine balls were made from soft leather, but nowadays we can see rubber or nylon medicine balls with or without grips. Medicine balls differ in weight; it varies from 2lbs to 30lbs. The texture of the ball surface is good for gripping and at the same time it allows to control better the ball. Thanks to two toned color all the balls look very attractive. As they can be practically of any color it won't be difficult to choose the ball you like. Medicine Balls play a very important role in rehabilitation and sports medicine. They are irreplaceable devices in many fitness clubs for abs exercises, weight training, toning and some other workouts. These balls help to build a powerful core, arms, shoulders and legs. They also make your trainings more dynamic and effective. Take advantage of medicine balls and soon you'll notice wonderful changes in your body.

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