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Some years ago weightlifting belts were used only in Olympic weightlifting and power lifting but today more and more people who are fond of these kinds of sport wear them during their workouts. And they are right because wearing of weightlifting belts is very helpful for our body. First of all they reduce stress on the lower back while you are lifting in an upright position and prevent back hyperextension when you practise overhead lifts. Then weightlifting belts support the abdominal part during long lasting trainings. They can also help people who have suffered from a back injury by taking pressure off the back. There's a great number of weightlifting belts including padded leather belts and nylon belts with velcro fasteners. The main purpose of all these fitness accessories is to stabilize the back and decrease spine compression. But be careful and don't wear these belts for too long as it can lead to weakening of your core muscles. Rational usage of weightlifting belts during your exercises will allow you to avoid problems with your spine and muscles of the back. Buy these wonderful belts and let your weightlifting trainings be beneficial for your health.

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