Fitness Bars

Fitness Bars are fitness accessories that are widely used in group and individual exercises, pilates, yoga, aerobics and physical therapy. They are made from steel and their ends are produced from rubber. The weight of every bar is marked at the color rubber end of the bar. It varies from 4lb. to 36 lbs. Thanks to the rubber surface of fitness bars they are easy to hold. You can buy one separate bar or a set of bars which usually consists of eight or nine fitness bars. In addition to a set of bars you can purchase a fitness bar rack designed specially for storage of these fitness accessories. It will allow you to keep your fitness bars in a definite place thus avoiding a mess in your gym. Fitness bars will be good helpers in workouts aimed at increase of stability and flexibility, development of core strength and endurance. They will contribute to organization of excellent training in the comfort of your own home.

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