Bars and Collars

Bars and collars are equipment used in weight trainings. There are two types of bars: standard bars and Olympic bars. Standard bars are usually from 5ft to 6ft long. They are about one inch in diameter and can hold standard weight plates with a one-inch hole in the middle. Olympic bars are 7.22ft in length. Their ends are a bit less than two inches in diameter and only Olympic plates can be put on them. Olympic bars are very popular in Olympic weightlifting and power lifting. All the bars should be heavy in order to avoid their break or bend under the pressure of the weight plates. The size and strength of the bar are important as they allow you to load the bar with much more weight. Collars are the tools that are intended to prevent the plates from sliding along the bar when you lift the weight. They are placed on the bar on the outside the plates. There are many kinds of collars to fit different varieties of bars. Choose the bar and collar you like and don't miss your chance to bring your body to perfection.

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