Foam Rollers & Pads

Foam rollers and pads are fitness devices that are widely used in exercises aimed at improvement of balance, flexibility, coordination and posture. They are made of strong, durable foam. They can be different in color and size. Foam rollers are available in a round or half round shape. They are easy to transport thanks to their light weight, so if you go to a fitness club you can take them with you. Pads include balance beams and blocks that give you comfortable surface for your exercises. For more effective trainings foam rollers and pads are often combined together with such fitness accessories as stability balls, small weights and some others. Foam rollers as well as pads are an integral part of rehabilitation therapy, yoga and pilates trainings. All these fitness accessories will enhance your physical fitness. They will also make your trainings more interesting and at the same time they will decorate your home gym. Use foam rollers and pads in your regular workouts and soon you'll see an excellent result.

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