Balance and Stretching

Balance and stretching are the keys to our well-being at any age. All people, no matter how old they are, need to have proper balance. If your balance is good you are more likely to avoid falls, injuries and breaks. Seniors are often at risk of falls and it's advisable for them to have balance exercises three or more times a week. Nowadays there are many exercises aimed at balance improvement. For better trainings you should have special fitness equipment (balance boards and discs, stability ball chairs, trampolines, etc.). Regular balance workouts will help you to enhance your balance and coordination. Stretching is also an important part of your exercises. Stretching exercises should be always included in your trainings as they increase your flexibility and core stability, they improve circulation. Such fitness devices as singlepro stretch or back stretcher will be good helpers in your stretching exercises. It's for you to decide what the best way for balance and stretching enhancement is, but remember that the more you train the better results you'll have.

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