Aristo CB-1 Commercial Upright Bike

Aristo CB-1 Commercial Upright Bike
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  • USA Designed and Developed
  • Step Through Design
  • 1 Manual program setting.
  • 7 Programmed Workout settings: Constant Load, Weight Loss, Interval, CV Workout, Heart Rate Control, Fat Burn, Rolling Hills. Each has 8 Class selections that alter the total resistance and can be graphically seen in the Workout Profile Display
  • Workout Data includes: Time Heart Rate, Watts, Calories, Distance, Mets, Workout Level, Speed, and RPM.
  • Adjustable Levelers at the four corners, allow easy positioning.
  • Display also tilts a few degrees forward and back to offer better viewing for all sizes of users.
  • Built in reading rack.


  • Footprint: Length 47″ - Width 22″ - Height 59″
  • Overall Size: Length 51″ - Width 27″ - Height 59″


  • frame 5 years
  • 3 years parts
  • 1 year labor

    Optional Television Display

    15 inch LCD TV - With Channel Tuner, Video Card Reader Slots, S-Video, AV select, Cable Ready, DVD Inputs, Headphone jack.

    Can be used watching TV or DVD movies, with a push of a button, workout data is displayed on left and right of screen. Workout data may be continuously displayed while watching TV, or removed with a push of a button.

    User can toggle data on screen back and forth however they desire. If user does not want to watch TV or a DVD movie, then screen can be selected that shows only workout data with added motivational displays not used in TV mode.