Aristo CR-1 Commercial Recumbent Bike

Aristo CR-1 Commercial Recumbent Bike
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  • USA Designed and Developed
  • Revolutionary Swing Arm Step Through Design
  • Exclusive Swing Arm Design allows easy access to users of all sizes. When the Swing Arm is moved to the right, the user has an unobstructed forward view, yet still can easily see and operate the controls. Positions from directly in front of user, all the way to 45 degrees to the right of user.
  • Seat adjusts from the center of crank arm to front of seat, starting at 16″ to a maximum of 28“. Adjustment is smooth, solid positioning, and easy, running on twin 1″ guide rods with heavy duty linear bearings, offering one of the most solid seats in the industry.
  • Adjustable Levelers at the four corners, allow easy positioning. Display also tilts a few degrees forward and back to offer better viewing for all sizes of users. Built in reading rack. Molded color in the plastic offers greater durability and scratch integrity.
  • 1 Manual program setting.
  • 7 Programmed Workout Settings: Constant Load, Weight Loss, Interval, CV Workout, Heart Rate Control, Fat Burn, Rolling Hills. Each has 8 “Class″ selections that alter the total resistance and can be graphically seen in the “Workout Profile Display″.
  • Workout Data includes: Time, Heart Rate, Watts, Calories, Distance, Mets, Workout Level, Speed, and RPM. All this data is seen either in the Alphanumeric, or in the Dot Matrix display.
  • Handicap Accessible


  • Footprint: Length 58″ - Width 29″ - Height 53″
  • Overall Size: Length 66″ - Width 29″ - Height 53″
  • Overall Size with Swing Arm extended: Length 66″ - Width 43″ - Height 53″


  • frame 5 years
  • 3 years parts
  • 1 year labor

    Optional Television Display

    15 inch LCD TV - With Channel Tuner, Video Card Reader Slots, S-Video, AV select, Cable Ready, DVD Inputs, Headphone jack.

    Can be used watching TV or DVD movies, with a push of a button, workout data is displayed on left and right of screen. Workout data may be continuously displayed while watching TV, or removed with a push of a button.

    User can toggle data on screen back and forth however they desire. If user does not want to watch TV or a DVD movie, then screen can be selected that shows only workout data with added motivational displays not used in TV mode.