Recumbent Exercise Bikes

If you are looking for a comfortable, ergonomic exercise bike, you are on the right way! Recumbent bicycles present their owners a pleasurable laid-back position. Some sportsmen, especially elderly ones, tend to have chronic pain in neck or back while using an upright bike. But the weight of the rider is spread over a bigger area than on an upright bike. That's why there is less pressure on the neck, arms, shoulders, back and so called "sit bones". A convenient position reduces the burden on the body, so one can easily prolong the hours of exercising without any harm to your body. The structure of recumbents decreases hydrostatic pressure, improves the blood circulation, as the legs are placed at practically the same height as the rider's heart. The other advantage of a recumbent bicycle is that it helps solve the genito-urinary trouble, as the pedals are not placed under the seat and it lessens the pressure on the genital zone. Besides, studies have proved that a long usage of upright bicycles may cause male impotence. What concerns a recumbent, it doesn't have such an effect. Recumbent exercise bikes are a perfect choice for those who are eager to unite their life with sport and keeping fit forever! Don't hesitate! Join!

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